Complete Telecom Software & Service

Simplify your Internet, WAN, voice and Security services with data-driven software and automated Service Renewals. 

Save money on every IT purchase with access to industry-leading support. Get real-time feedback on your contracts and negotiation strategies. Procure faster.  

Data Driven Procurement




Advanced Support to Analyze Invoices and Eliminate Overlap

Renew Services

Stay current on technology and expense with pro-active renewal procurement.  Stay Focused on What truly matters.  

Our Services

Guaranteed to reduce your network spend

Save on Service Renewals

We organize your enterprise internet and telephony renewal dates and aggregate your contracts.  Then, we work directly with your service providers to accomplish your team’s objectives upon every renewal.  See you later, auto-renewals.

Streamline Procurement

For companies who use a lot of enterprise connectivity, it’s impossible to know if you are paying the right price and there aren’t enough hours in the day to effectively manage all of your services renewals. With SmartFiber, we do it for you.

Data Backed Negotiations

Sales conversations aren’t a good use of your time and enterprise pricing fluctuates market to market.  We facilitate the commercial conversations, so you can remain strategic.  It’s easier to buy enterprise connectivity, when you’re backed by data.

See your Services

Your internal IT & Operations Executives driving technology roll-outs spend a significant amount of their project effort eliciting updates and scheduling vendors.  With SmartFiber, your dedicated Project Manager manages both your ‘Connect’ (large service providers) and ‘Configure’ (local IT staff, or 3rd party IT support) Providers to communicate progress, initiate setup, and provides single source of truth in all new deployments, at every location, nationwide.

Dedicated Support

One stop solution to every connection failure or configuration requirement.  Our team consolidates the interface to your downstream providers and works, on your behalf, to resolve issues and eliminate finger pointing in your stack.

Powered by an intelligent platform and years of negotiating with telecom, internet and Cloud Vendors.


SmartFiber Pricing


Unparalleled Sourcing & Deployment Support

Proactively renew, manage, transform, and capitalize on complex, administration heavy, technology advancements.

Create a single source of truth for communications & cloud

Streamline & automate IT Purchases & Projects

Uncover insights and enable fact-based transformation

Reduce expense with forecasted savings

Service Renewals

Our data driven procurement portal allows you benchmark your existing spend against regional and national averages for like services.  Forecast savings from day 1 and automate your transformation.

Project Management

SmartFiber simplifies complex, error-prone service implementation processes.  Let SmartFiber save you time and money with consolidated, accurate, and adept Vendor Project Management.

Local Integration & Setup

Efficiency is a necessity.  That’s why SmartFiber works with your existing IT Vendors while having the ability to fill any gaps in coverage or technical aptitude.  Technicians available in all 50 states!

Proactive Monitoring

As part of a complete lifecycle management solution we proactively monitor every network interface and act on your behalf at the first sign of degradation.  Eyes on glass 24/7 will intiaite, track, and escalate service interruptions.

Every technology decision is now a business decision.  The choices you make today can have lasting impact for years to come — which is why you need clear, reliable insights to help you fully succeed in your role.





Technology Related Insights for your critical business decisions 

Talk With an Expert to Get Started Today!

Your providers should all work together as one, so shouldn’t you manage from one place? Manage every location and provider, nationwide, through a single SmartFiber Dashboard.

What They’re Saying


SmartFiber really is great to work with.  You know you’re in good hands when you receive notifications from SmartFiber about an internet outage, before your own staff informs you!
Rebecca Yost

Operations Manager, ABW Appliance

SmartFiber understanding of advanced enterprise networks and the various levers to obtain a Comcast response, truly streamlines operations for enterprise clients nationwide.
Johnny Edmond

Strategic Partnerships, Comcast Business

SmartFiber is my go-to for Enterprise Connectivity, telephony services, and custom integration.  Great customer service – they’re a highly organized extension of my staff.  
Michael Hutto

General Partner, Telecom Expense Management



What do we need to provide in order to get started?
We’ll need a list of your existing service locations, (in a spreadsheet, email or web-site link), current Service Providers, existing services (i.e. speed, due-date, vendors), and a list of any time sensitive purchase / renewals.

Once your data has been compiled we will immeidately work towards the time sensitive and out of term service requirements.

What is the time commitment on our end?
Onboarding:  a 30 minute call where we discuss your requirements, IT staff you manage, and your long-term and near-term objectives.

After results are compiled:  a 15 minute sync with your central point of contact to discuss alternate solutions and renewal terms to your current services.

After orders are placed:  a weekly/biweekly 15 minute sync with your Project Manager to run the duration of your installation.  We insure orders are flowing as intended and savings are realized upon completion.

What if I already use a 3rd party IT Vendor?
SmartFiber sits alongside your IT Services & Hardware vendor to pro-actively talk with Service Providers on your behalf – we do not need to be prompted to do our job.  Think of your SmartFiber spend management support as a fancy calendar:  it keeps track of renewals, deliverables, contracts, spends and so forth.

But your calendar can’t talk with vendors – it just keeps track of when renewals happen.  SmartFiber actually works with vendors for you and keeps your staff and local IT up to date and on task.

In other words, we use your SmartFiber portal to know which vendors to contact and when.  We save you the hassle of going back and forth with them yourself and present the best & final offer from all available options.

Do you charge a percentage of savings?
No.  We obtain deep discounts through bulk purchase agreements and Solution Provider Programs offered by the largest Service Providers worldwide.  The efficiency we operate reduces stress from both you and the Service Providers in your stack.  The consolidated interface we provide insures all parties are making decisions with the most informed perspective.
Who is our contact once we sign up?
Your Service Provider(s) and local IT Vendors / Staff do not need to change.  As a compliment to their effort, you will be assigned two SmartFiber Staff who work as an extension of your team to identify savings & deliver services:

  1. A Contract Consultant for strategy meetings, savings review, and contract negotiation.
  2. A dedicated Project Manager to manage Service Providers Orders, installation status, and billing errors.

Every member of your account team have been top-performing Sales, Project, and Operations Staff with direct experience working for the very Service Providers we manage – so we know exactly what levers to pull to get you a better price, install, or credit.

Is it too early to work with SmartFiber if we don't have immediate requirements?

It’s never too early to understand savings, organize your contract termination dates, and pro-actively identify a greater value.  And, we organize your service contracts for you!

That means we’ll track down your existing contracts, requirements, renewal dates, and expense and add your data to your dedicated Portal.  We want to get things in place so you never have to scramble for a last-minute renewal – and lose leverage.

This also means we start talking with your Service Providers as early as 6 months before your existing contract termination.  Providing you the maximum time to make an informed buying decision.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Value as a North Star

We aim to identify the greatest value in every opportunity we source.  Confidently identify, provision, and manage the best available solution at every enterprise node for every connected requirement.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We are committed to keeping your business powered and running smoothly.  But if you aren’t completely satisfied with our services within the first 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

Digital Enablement

As digitalization continues to transform the way organizations do business, every technology decision becomes a business decision.  The choices you make today can have lasting impact for years to come — which is why you need clear, reliable insights to help you fully succeed in your role.