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SmartFiber’s services were built for enterprise organizations who remain at the cusp of global technology advancement.

We’ve observed that these companies are encountering issues within their network stack:

  • Too many providers

  • Too much legacy technology

  • Compounding Problem (cost growing lineraly)

SmartFiber solves these challenges by becoming a trusted member of the IT, Finance & Procurement team.  We manage your purchases, installs, and renewals, so that you can focus your team on what is most important.

Stop spending time negotiating with your tail-spend vendors and get more time back to manage your growing business.

We save our customers a lot of time and money.

 Customer Profile

  Company Size:  50-2,500 Employees

  Network Stack:  3-50 Service Providers

  Office Locations:  2 – 500

  Internet & Telecom Spend:  $50,000 – $2M per year

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Customer Use Case

Public Health Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure


Program Title State Health Cloud Infrastructure 
Network Contract Value $588,000 Customer of Record State Agency – Dept of Health
Number of FTE’s 2 Client Reference Name IT Leadership
Project Duration 9 Months Contact Title Chief Security Officer
Project Description

Design and develop a 10 Gbps ring-topology cloud and internet infrastructure strategy supporting 23 state agencies and their access to local municipality ‘cloud’ network(s). 

The rapid adoption of cloud services challenged IT’s ability to provide a consistent performance across all applications.  Supporting over 700 connections per node, leadership wanted to insure users had access to the required infrastructure to provide secure, redundant, and optimal application performance on a consistent basis.    

Analysis & Recommendations

Analyze current network topology, providers and liabilities and make recommendations to terminate legacy service contracts and/or technologies whilst adopting scalable, modern, network infrastructure.  Inclusive of financial forecasting, cost management, and procurement guidelines.    

Administrative & Design Support

Facilitate the physical network design, building entry, cloud-exchange centers, bid process, contract terms negotiation, and implementation of underlying network assets and cloud-network hardware configurations.   

Data Center - Network-As-A-Service


Program Title Data Center Blended IP
Network Contract Value $4.2M Customer of Record National Data Center Provider
Number of FTE’s 4 Client Reference Name Finance
Project Duration 7 Months Contact Title Chief Finance Officer
Project Description

Identify, collect, and detail ‘out-of-band’ IP network connectivity expense in data centers in direct competition to our client.  Develop a strategy to procure high-capacity, redundant, network connectivity and offer blended IP-connectivity in increments and lower price-per-bit solutions than what is commercial available.  Further detail a strategy to consolidate our customers current WAN expense/connections  on new ‘Data Center Blended IP’ network.  

Provide procurement, Project Management, on-site installation, and financial management of prevailing 52 service providers who make up ‘Blended IP’ offering.  Provide consolidated invoicing and cost center level invoicing.  Facilitate the sales and installation of all tenants in the data center electing ‘Blended IP’ offerings – while providing the data center a new revenue stream from new & existing tenants.      

Support & Administration

Engage new and existing data center customers to market out-of-band connectivity, facilitate Moves/Adds/Changes, maintain top SLAs – 100% Network Availability, 48 Hour Provisioning & 4 Hour Mean-Time-to-Repair (MTTR).  

Manage financial success at an account level to insure consistent share of revenue.  

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