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Our Most Frequent Questions

How does SmartFiber Make Money?

SmartFiber makes money by establishing ‘Wholesale’ and ‘Partner’ relationships with the 200+ service providers we support.  In order to guarantee savings, we must be very nimble when it comes to provider sales interfaces – the best price is often times obtained by going through a unique channel to your existing provider.  You’ll always know how we’re making money based on the Contract you sign – if it says ‘SmartFiber’ then we’ve identified a greater value to your organization by way of leveraging our wholesale programs and bulk-purchase transactions.  If we provided you a direct provider agreeement (i.e. Comcast, AT&T, Verizon, RingCentral, etc), then we are paid by the Service Provider to manage your project and successfully integrate services.  

We are very unorthodox in our business approach in that we choose customer Value ahead of corporate Profit.  This translates into the most transparent purchase, support, and management relationship you have ever had.  Our aim is to make a small margin on ALL of your services – versus a large margin on one or two connections – and consolidate the data that powers your decision making.  

What can SmartFiber do for me?

As digitalization continues to transform the way organizations do business, every technology decision becomes a business decision.  The choices you make today can have lasting impact for years to come — which is why you need clear, reliable insights to help you fully succeed in your role.  

What sets SmartFiber apart?  

Information abounds, but the real value comes from accurate interpretation and analysis with solutions tailored to your specific requirements and service locations.  Whether you’re a technology executive, architect, investor or provider, we provide a comprehensive view of established and emerging solutions & service providers so you can understand today’s landscape and plan for tomorrow’s. 

What this means for you

  • Dedicated team of seasoned, subject-matter experts, who align behind your specific organizational and operational objectives driving our engagement
  • Rigorous, transparent, objective, collaborative results with fully manged implementation and carrier management
  • Unmatched knowledge base with solutions tailored to your organization 
  • Actionable insight with multiple solutions / technologies to elect for every imaginable requirement

Our Process

Turning complex information into actionable advice and executed strategies.  The SmartFiber research process involves input from a variety of market and client sources, enabling us to view technology topics from every angle. It is designed to accommodate change while considering topics that might not be obvious or mainstream. When a complex topic arises, analysts form a research community to discuss the subject and eliminate uncertainties.  The product of our effort is a holistic communications strategy designed to enable transformation and deliver more enterprise value.  









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