Save up to 50% on your Network & IT Services Costs

Identify the solution and automate the conversion.  A true Owner’s Representative.


Modernize Every Aspect of your Environment

Voice + Data Failover

Setup and / or test automatic failover for organizations who cannot afford to be down.

Security & VPN Mgmt

Secure the network and provide your users remote access to locally hosted applications.

Evaluate Network Upgrades

Bandwidth is priced more aggressively now than ever before – get more for less.  

Voice Consolidation

Solve:  Toll Free, Office Phones, Fax, Analog, Door Entry, Call Centers.  

Desktop Support

Desktop patches, updates, password-reset and user-application support.  

Daily Back-Ups

Remote Cloud Back-up all PC’s, servers, and all critical infrastructure.  

We own 'Connected' and manage all your Providers accordingly

We Give You the Skills You Need to Optimize User Experience

We Make Security & Privacy One of Our Top Priorities


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I drive out costs and/or increase efficiency?

Organizations face contant pressure to reach optiomal operational efficiency and effectiveness while also reducing costs.  Achieving these goals in today’s riskier, costlier and more complex business environments is an enormous challenge which skilled operators achieve by leveraging technology advancement.  

SmartFiber can help you assess potential network improvement, define functional cost-saving strategies and develop an execution plan tailored to your organization.  We have experience helping clients drive value by creating integrated communications strategies, improving service integration, and restructuring existing service agreements.  We dig deep into your requirements and provide holistic insights that can help make your entire organization more responsive, more cost-effective, and more nimble in the face of change.   

How to Get Started?

Schedule a 15 minute introduction with SmartFiber HERE

How does it work?

With SmartFiber you get just what you need.  

Step 1.  Detail your service requirements – in spreadsheet, email, or spoken form

Step 2.  Review SmartFiber curated options, fiber maps, and product demonstrations for all applicable solutions

Step 3.  Execute Services with a dedicated SmartFiber Project Manager to drive success in your project at a holistic level – managing the services providers and on-site IT staff who make transformation a reality.  

What does it cost to use SmartFiber?


Your SmartFiber Contract & Project Management is funded by the 200+ Service Providers we represent.  

This means we source, procure, and manage solutions as an extension of your staff – while keeping all stakeholders (business, IT & Operations) informed.  

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

SmartFiber provided great service to us throughout the process from start to finish – and beyond!  Our Project Manager, Ashley, was responsive and continues to be instrumental in problem solving for us.  With every project setback or product limitation, Ashley’s efforts have been impactful.  

Debby Christy

Chief Operating Officer, Crystal Comfort

SmartFiber provides our network expertise and solves the infrastructure component of our Healthcare solution – enabiling our IT staff to focus on more strategic initatives.


JaLisa Johnson


I’m always happy gain SmartFiber’s support to identify savings and manage projects with the large Service Providers who provide our voice & data connectivity. 


Seth Carney

Engineer, Courier

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